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How Should We Interpret Revelation?

In Podcast #1 we kick of talking about the process of interpreting Revelation and the different ways people perceive the meaning of the book.

How to Read Symbolism in Revelation.

In Podcast #2 we discuss tools and methods of understanding symbolism in the  Book of Revelation.

Letters to the 7 Churches

In Podcast #3 we discuss Jesus letters to 7 churches in Asia Minor. Sorry there is not video.

Living Creatures and Spiritual Beings

In Podcast #4 Dr. Matt Walsh from Acadia Divinity College joins us to discuss the purpose of spiritual beings in the book of Revelation. 

The Three Sets of Seven

In Podcast #5 Daniel and Mike get to the centre of the book of Revelation as they discuss various understandings, interpretations and the importance of what is taking place.

The Fall of Babylon, Millennialism and the Rapture

In Podcast #6 Daniel and Mike dive into Revelation 17, 18 and 20 discussing what it means for Babylon to fall, the 1000 year reign of Christ, and when/will the rapture happen.

The New Heaven and New Earth

In Podcast #7 we wrap up our conversation around the book of Revelation as we discuss the hope found in a relationship with God.

Previous Special Series:

Social Media & Technology

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Social Media & Technology - Through the Generation

We also use social media differently, and our past defines our perspectives. In our final bonus podcast around social media and technology we have a conversation with Nathan and Pam around how their generation views and uses social media.

Social Media & Technology - Mental Health

Are you feeling tired and frustrated when you are on social media? Feeling anxious, but also need to check your phone just one more time? Rev. Dr. Allen Lee, Professor of Christian Counselling at Kingswood University, joins us to talk about how the interactions we have with social media are affecting mental health.

Social Media & Technology - Safe Practices

Have you ever wondered how safe your pictures and information are? Do people at big Social Media companies read your "personal" information? Today's episode we catch up with IT security expert Tim Newell and ask these very questions and more. If you want some best practices for staying safe online have a listen.

Social Media & Technology - Finding the Truth in the Age of Disinformation

Have you wondered why our world seems so polarized? Have you noticed that your friends on Social Media seem to be seeing a different reality from you? We start this podcast series off looking at the age of disinformation.

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