Current Series

Ages 0-3

Seedlings is our nursery program for children up to age 3. It’s a nurturing and safe space where little ones are supervised by capable volunteers.

Ages 4-7

Sprouts is for children ages 4 to 7. On Sunday mornings, they participate in our kids’ worship time, and then they enjoy bible stories, games and crafts.

Ages 8-12 (Grade 6)

Saps is for children ages 8 to 12 up to Grade 6. On Sunday mornings they participate in a kids’ worship time. This is followed by a time to learn about the gospel in fun and engaging ways.


X Marks the Spot (Jan 2 - Feb 6) CLICK HERE to view series

Manger Tales (Dec 5-26) CLICK HERE to view the series

Thankfulness (Nov 7-28) CLICK HERE to view the series

Bible Detective (Sep 5 - Oct 31) CLICK HERE to view the series

The Littlest Lunch Box (Sep 5)

Ice Cream Series (Jul 11 - Aug 29) CLICK HERE to view the series