When things heat up, it can be hard to keep our cool. But God calls us to show love, be slow to anger, and be kind to others. With His help, we can stay as cool as an arctic wind, no matter what we face.

MEMORY VERSE for the Snowflakes Series:

"A person with a bad temper stirs up conflict. But a person who is patient calms things down.”

Proverbs 15:18 (NIRV)

The Speaker - Aaron (Apr 7) Lesson 1 of 12 - Bible Sidekicks

Moses was a pretty big hero. God used him to lead Israel out of slavery in Egypt. But Moses was not a confident speaker. God called Moses' brother to be his spokesperson. Aaron helped Moses share God's message to Pharaoh; "Let my people go!" Exodus 4:10-17 and Exodus 6:28-7:6

The Wise Father-In-Law (Apr 14) Lesson 2 of 12 - Bible Sidekicks

Moses had more than one “sidekick” to help him lead Israel. God gave him a father-in-law whose wisdom helped Moses to better meet the needs of an entire nation. God gives us wise mentors who can help us too. Exodus 18:1-27, Jethro Advises Moses